Summer kicked off with a bit of sea angling for the Dominick St crew. Not known for its abundance of easily caught fish, Fenit can sometimes surprise and provide plenty of excitement for hopeful anglers. This was certainly the case for Eugene O’Sullivan when he felt a tug on the line!!! The exciting thing about sea angling is that you never know what you’re going to catch.  To Eugene’s delight, a beautifully patterned Undulate Ray was on the end of his line.  Not to harm the fish, Eugene was using barbless hooks. This meant that the hook could be easily removed from the fish’s mouth and it could be quickly returned to the sea without putting her (it was a she…) through too much stress. Undulate Ray are considered an exotic and protected species in Tralee Bay. Tralee Bay is one of the few places in Europe where they come into to breed, so they are very special visitors and we really need to take care of them and try not to cause them any harm


Eugene O’Sullivan, Catherine Conway and Áine Murphy
Eugene’s Undulate Ray
Mark Bolger, Breda O’Sullivan, Catherine Conway,and Billy Galvin,
We didn’t catch fish every day, and some days there was only one fish caught between the whole group. Not to be put off by this, with a mixture of sheer determination and a bit of fish whispering Melissa Griffin showed that she could really do the business when the chips were down!!!! After a quick photo Melissa’s Dog Fish went safely back into Tralee Bay unharmed to continue its way.
Melissa Griffin and Eugene O’Sullivan
On days when the fish were not biting we were kept busy with the giant Spider Crabs that can sometimes be found at Fenit. Áine Murphy caught the first one……... Some were huge!!!!
Enjoying the fishing at Fenit are Catherine Conway, Mark Bolger, Billy Galvin, Breda O’Sullivan, and David Malone
(L to R)Mark Bolger, Oliver Fahey & Eugene O’Sullivan…..waiting for the big fish !!!
Nicholas O Sullivan and David Malone : Sometimes it’s a two person job keeping a fish on the line….
The fishing programme would not have been possible without the generous support of Tralee Bay Sea Angling Club. A very special thanks to Eugene Farrelly for lending us the rods and reels on behalf of the club. Eugene is an accomplished Master Angler with the club and has successfully represented Ireland at the Angling World Championships.